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About Us
Contractor and Building Services
Larry Braun Custom Carpentry -  Larry has over 35 years experience in the
construction industry.  He can assist in building services, project
management, contractor search,  any recommendations and other
construction related services. Contact Larry if you require any consultation on
home construction.
Your Manufacturers Representative
Larry Braun has been involved with the Log Home Planning and Building
industry since 1984.  He will work with you during the initial concept phase,
blueprint review, and any other pre-construction and early construction
undertakings to help you realize your dream.  Once you finalize your
decision, he will assist you with the order and delivery process to ensure the
transition to your Building Contractor is smooth.  
You will likely visit a number of our homes, by appointment,  during your
decision process and have the opportunity to communicate with the
homeowners. Industry related references are available upon request. Before
you buy a log home, choose a manufacturer that is a
Log Home Council
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Home Plan Review Service
One of the many services provided by a Manufacturers Representative and
their Dealer Associates is to assist buyers with their log home dream. The
review process can also result with suggestions that may lower construction
costs or improve the integrity and livability of your floor plan.  To best utilize
this service, send your home plan or sketch to us and  include an estimate of
your building budget, exclusive of land costs. Your budget  has a major
impact on the home's final design and we will do our best to cover your
needs while maintaining your budget.
Log Home Building and Education
If this is your first log home and you intend to do much of the work your self,
we offer education and consulting services to support you with your project.  
Classes are based on seasonal demand from this New Jersey Log Home
Builder with a focus on the Expedition Log Homes package.  If you already
have a Building Contractor for your project, we can offer on-site education to
assist them on a case by case basis.Learn more about log home living and
log home designs.
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